Do not come to Turkey

Let me say this about tourists. Do not come

 Do not come to Turkey

 Be a little conscientious

 So that you can swim

 So that you can sunbathe under this sun

 So that you can stroll on the beach with your lover

 Kurds are being murdered, do you know

 With the money you spend, tanks and cannons are bought

 Bombs tear apart the bodies of Kurdish children

 Hacked to death

 Our streets are turning into a bloodbath

 Our villages, homes are crushed upon us

 So if you are honorable and honest, do not come

 They are slaughtering us with your money

But if you are coming, know this

 With our move towards settling

 We showed everyone how we targeted tourist areas

 From now on, it is our first duty to burndown all the hotels where tourists stay

 We will burn down all the places where tourists stay, entertainment, hotels, bars with various methods

 After, do not say, i did not hear, i did not know, they did not tell me

 We do not separate you from the soldiers who massacre in Kurdistan and from the AKP who carry out assimilation and genocide

 Because they do this with the money you give

 Do not come to Turkey

 If you come, cast up accordingly. We will target you everywhere  And we will turn towards you, know that we will take revenge